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Ultimate Car Detailing [Package 4]

Ultimate Car Detailing [Package 4]

ultimate car detailing service

Ultimate Car Detailing Package is an upgraded package usually consists of quality attention to details to provide exceptional car detailing.
Small Package: Sedan, Station Wagon, Hatchback
Medium Package: 4WD, SUVk
Large Package: Large 4W, 7 Seater Van

Ultimate Car Detailing include

  • Remove all dirts
  • Vacuum seats & floor carpet
  • Remove stains, spots, blood and vomiting
  • Steam cleaning & shampooing of fabrics & leather seats
  • Clean and shine dashboard, console & ashtray
  • Clean and shine steering wheel, doors & door frame
  • Clean car ceiling, boot & mats
  • Shine & clean all interior plastic
  • Apply anti-bacterial steam cleaning & odour removal
  • Remove bugs, tar, bird poo, spots & dirt
  • Clean and shine bull bar
  • Clean the mag wheel & shine the tyres
  • Apply machine polishing (buffing), shampooing & waxing
  • Remove scratches, marks & scuffs
  • Shine all exterior plastics
  • Clean Engine Bay
  • Shine all the exterior plastic by gel
  • Utilise top quality products for ultimate car detailing
  • Clean & machine polish glass and apply de-calcium agent to remove calcium deposits
  • Polish headlights
  • Remove all sand & pet hair
  • Clay bar treatment
  • Remove over sprays
  • Remove bore water stains with steam cleaning
  • Apply paint protection
  • Apply Leather protection
  • Apply Fabric protection